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Finding That Perfect High Tech Home

Internet-connected home alarm systems are fighting for attention as expensive old-guard systems like ADT reinvent themselves. Piper(pictured here) is an all-in-one WiFi-enabled system with integrated 1080p camera, a siren, built-in motion sensors…

While Robot Butler retains some kinks to work through, there’s a simpler, more effective solution already available. Wink is strictly as being a Robot Butler – just way less awkward…

Surviving in a little wind and photo voltaic-powered pod which may be taken almost all over the world might seem similar to something from the sci-fi movie when compared to a reality, however a eu company states it’s produced just that.

It’s not enough that you look for realtors and go with your American dream to own a house

We need to make your new popety in Santa Cruz safe, but it is also a responsibility of a home buyer to make his home safe

We’ve got more technology than previously – you’ll find applications to help us accomplish from cleaning our homes and creating a list to monitoring our possessions from afar. Then when it calls for wise home tech, it looks like nearly situations are now automated.